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Our Mission is to break the cycle of violent crime by providing trauma informed support services for victims, borne of lived experiences. These services aim to inspire, educate and build resilience through creativity.

When Josh was murdered in an unprovoked knife attack, the shock and devastation was far-reaching. Many in our community and beyond, were deeply touched by how, in just a few seconds, the life of a hardworking, funny, caring and loving 21-year-old man could have ended, in such a devastating way. Our work comes from a place of love and compassion. We are totally committed to creating the change we want to see and bringing an end to tragic stories like Josh’s.

We believe that every individual should have someone that believes in them, listens to them, gives them hope and helps them to find the strength and wisdom to reach their full potential.



Provide Support

We run monthly Fine Line Art Workshops in the community for victims of violent crime – each session runs for 4 hours on the last Saturday of each month catering for up to 10-20 adults and young people. Refreshments and lunch are provided, and we provide art kits to all attendees along with access to art tutorials so that they can continue to use art as a coping strategy at home.

The Fine Line Arts Project is delivered in primary and secondary schools – each trauma informed programme works with 10 children who have been identified as needing and benefitting from an art intervention. We deliver sessions to individuals or to groups, which run for a minimum of 6 weeks. We provide the young people with art kits and access to art tutorials which they can use at home.

Expert by Experience Support online or telephone– we offer support to traumatised victims and or witnesses of crime who are struggling to navigate the Criminal Justice System and after a criminal trial. The support provides emotional and practical guidance and advocacy. Beneficiaries are encouraged to attend the monthly art workshop.

Prevent Violent Crime and Promote Victim Care

Presentations are delivered in schools, colleges, pupil referral units and to statutory and community organisations, sharing Josh’s story, addressing violent crime, consequences, personal safety, resilience, and recovery.

Presentations and training for professionals are delivered by an expert by experience with one of victim care programmes embedded in training across the Metropolitan Police.

Raise Awareness

As Experts by Experience, we represent victims needs strategically – we are belong to  partnerships and represent on several boards at National, Regional and Local level and raise awareness of issues relating to victim care, consequences of crime, mental health, and wellbeing.

Representing on different media– TV, Radio, Podcasts, Newspapers – The CEO has been featured in many articles, discussions, and news programmes to raise awareness.

Social media – We raise awareness and share information by regularly and actively engaging online as Podcast quests. The Josh Hanson social media pages on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram have over 40,000 followers.

Our Impact

We have shared Josh’s story with over 13000 children and young people. 97% of people who attend one session say that they have a greater understanding of how to stay safe.

We have provided Fine Line Art project to more than 1000 children, young people and adults. 95% of people who have attended have stated that they are now able to express their feelings.

We have provided Expert by Experience Support to over 400 people navigating the Criminal Justice System. All the people supported have felt empowered to continue to advocate for themselves

Because of our work with the Victim’s reference group we have seen changes to the Victim’s code. the work continues as we have much further to go to ensure that victim care remains on the agenda

You can help. Together we can make a difference and change the story, to one that we can all be proud to be a part of.

This is about the world we all live in, the communities we are a part of and the people we interact with every day. This is about us pulling together, learning together, reaching out and being there for those that need our help.

We believe that, by spreading compassion and kindness, we can make the world a better place and stop tragic stories like Josh’s from ever unfolding.

Please come on this journey with us and help us to change the story of violent crime forever.

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